Mirror Convex Wall / Post Mount 450mm


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Heavy duty Convex Mirror with a weatherproof, highly visible visor and edge shield is ideal for parking garages, car parks, driveways, warehouses and other high traffic areas.

Convex Mirrors offer a wide viewing angle and increases visibility for pedestrians, drivers and machinery operators around blind and semi-blind corners.

Features and Benefits

-Promotes easy surveillance
-Brighter than ordinary glass mirror
-Fade resistant
-Comes with a weatherproof hardboard backing
-Increased safety and security


-Offices, schools, residential
-Roads, parking lots and driveways
-Airports, loading docks
-Automated teller machines
-Stores (Supermarket, Convenience Store)

450mm Diameter / Acrylic / supplied with Heavy Duty Bracket and screws.


SKU:  Mirror – O450 – B833068

Mirror - O450 - B833068
Weight 2.900 kg
Dimensions 54 x 48.5 x 10.6 cm
Mirror - O450 - B833068