Fire Blanket DC5 Aramid (800GSM) 180 x 220cm


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The blanket is a combination of Wool and Aramid, at 800gsm it is classed as a multi use blanket. It has been made at a heavier weight so that it is strong enough to be used again or as a stretcher once it has already been through a fire.

Aramid fibres are a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibres (high density nylon).

88% Wool 12% Aramid

Aramid demonstrates:
– Good resistance to abrasion
– Good resistance to organic solvents
– Nonconductive
– Degradation starts at over 500?C
– Low flammability
– Good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures

The blanket is red in colour.

SKU:  FB – DC5

FB - DC5
Weight 3.370 kg
Dimensions 61 x 45 x 9.3 cm
FB - DC5

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