Leukoplast Tape (Elastic)


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Elastic, Tan, Zinc Oxide Tape



Leukoplast® Elastic is a zinc oxide tape for securing dressings. Ideal for use on injured joints or digits, it is highly flexible and conforms well to body movement.

Leukoplast® Elastic can be used for sporting applications such as nail taping or finger splinting and the strong adhesive provides long-lasting wear and is well tolerated by normal skin. Leukoplast Elastic is also a skin-toned tape, making it a discreet bandaging option.

Available in 2.5cm, 5cm and 7.5cm Widths
Roll Length 2.5cm

Weight 0.035 kg
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 3.3 cm

2.5cm, 5cm, 10cm