Thorzt Concentrate 300ml – Orange (Sugar Free)


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THORZT Shot-Load (Concentrate Syrup)

300ml Electrolyte Drink Mix – Makes 20L

Orange flavour (Sugar Free)

The effects of heat stress and dehydration can cause fatigue, illness and lack of concentration, resulting in careless work practices causing accidents and worse.

An active body requires fluids for peak performance and not just any fluids, a formulated blend of electrolytes to assist your body to perform vital functions and keep you on top of your game.

THORZT is a great tasting, scientifically proven mix of cutting- edge branch chain amino acids and low GI carbohydrates for sustained energy release, combined with a formulated blend of electrolytes for optimum hydration in extreme conditions.

Designed to maintain mind and body function at a cellular level THORZT can boost your physical and mental potential, relieve muscle pain, cramps and spasms, reduce anxiety and sleep disturbance and improve the body’s stress response.

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91351 - 20SF
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91351 - 20SF