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Portable light device to help you;

  • Fight the winter blues;
  • Help frequent flyers
  • Re-time your body clock to overcome sleeplessness

Your body needs daily bright light to regulate your sleep pattern and provide energy.Working irregular hours, living through winter months and traveling to different time zones can interfere with your sleep pattern and productivity. Studies have shown that light devices can minimize the effects of jet lag, shift work and the winter blues.

Using the RE-TIMER for 50 minutes is the 100% UV-free way to receive light when it’s convenient for you.

To help you wake up earlier (advance your body clock) use the Re-Timer for 50 minutes in the morning.

To help you wake up later (delay your body clock), wear the Re-Timer for 50 minutes in the evening.

Advantages of the Re-Timer;

  • Fits over your reading glasses;
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design;
  • Folding arms for compact traveling;
  • Soft glow for reading or computer work;
  • Convenient rechargeable battery in the frame;
  • USB connection for battery charging;
  • Travel case included;
  • Independently tested for eye safety (CEI IEC 62471);
  • 100% free from UV-Rays;
  • Developed from 25 years of research at Flinders University.

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