Diphoterine® solution is an emergency rinsing solution for splashes of chemical products. Its rapid use in case of contact between the skin or eye and a chemical product is intended to quickly eliminate the residual chemical product on the skin or in the eye. This makes it possible to limit the extent of the burns and lesions caused. Diphoterine® facilitates secondary treatment of the burn injuries by restricting the extent and severity of the lesions.
Diphoterine® solution is a class IIa medical device according to Directive 93/42 EEC. It can be used on injured skin and acts on the chemical product in order to halt the reaction between the chemical product and the tissue and minimise the lesions caused. Diphoterine® solution can be used in complete safety. Diphotérine® solution is guaranteed free of phosphates. Its physical and chemical characteristics allow decontamination in case of splashing of chemical products on the skin or in the eye.
Its physical and chemical properties make it effective against a wide range of classes of chemical product (acids, alkalis, oxidising agents, reducing agents, alkylating or chelating agents and solvents).

In case of Chemical splash of a corrosive or irritant product, rinsing with the DIPHOTERINE solution as soon as possible is crucial.

The DIPHOTERINE solution wall-mounted station LMDAS is a fixed and central rinsing spot that allows rinsing of body areas such as the face.
Station contains;
2 x 500 ml (LPMD) – DIPHOTERINE® solution eyewash
1 x 200 ml (LOA) – AFTERWASHII® solution eyewash
1 x 200 ml (MINI) – DIPHOTERINE® solution spray

– An eyewash giving a soft eye flush.
– Specially adapted for laboratories, factories, mine sites etc.
– Easy to Use

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