This first aid kit provides basic equipment for administering first aid for injuries including:

  • cuts, scratches, punctures, grazes and splinters
  • muscular sprains and strains
  • minor burns
  • amputations and/or major bleeding wounds
  • broken bones
  • eye injuries, and
  • shock.

The Large wall mount enables the first aid kit to be permanently mounted in a location best suited to the workplace.  The Large size container allows for additional modules or first aid equipment to be added and is 61.5cm x 41cm x 18.5cm and comes with a keyed lock for safety and security.

The National Compliant First Aid Kit is compliant with the ‘First aid in the workplace Code of Practice (July 2019)’ which is an approved code of practice under section 274 of the ‘Work Health and Safety Act’.

 Kit Contents List

SKU:  08SA2LW-17160