Leukostrip is a skin closure strip combining a very strong hypoallergenic adhesive and a porous polyamide material. Some of the Leukostrip advantages are: Longer wear time – cost effective, Continual alignment of the wound margins, Reduced risk of scar formation, Reduced risk of skin maceration, Easy to use. Indications: Primary and secondary closure of wounds. Fixing skin grafts. Replacing skin sutures following subcutaneous sutures. Support and relieve for subcutaneous sutures, slip stiching or individual over-and-over sutures.

– Elastic polyamide textile
– Shear-free wound edge adaptation
– Permeable to moisture and air
– Hypoallergenic adhesive
– Reliable adhesive strength
– Sterile and individually sealed
– Reliably and securely adapts to the edges of the wound
– Does not traumatise the edges of the wound allowing almost pain free wound closure
– Minimal scarring
– Well tolerated by the skin
– Product comes in a pharmacy presentation
– Suitable for cuts, skin tears and surgical incisions.

Available in packs  3mm x 75mm (5 strips), 6mm x 38mm (6 strips) and 13mm x 102mm (6 strips)