Design & Application

The tether is designed and tested to 22kN but is de-rated to 15kN and is thus rated as a single person fall arrest tether plate under AS/NZS 1891.4.  While this tether plate has been engineered for a fall arrest rating, this device should always be used with travel restraint techniques

This tether plate is suitable for:

  • users who are trained in height safety
  • use on roofs constructed with metal roof sheeting with minimum base metal thickness of 0.23mm in trimdek
  • use in working at height in normal climactic conditions
  • 360 degree roof work
  • direct connection of personal fall-arrest equipment for a single person
  • unless the user has ensured the structure to which the tether plate is installed has sufficient strength to sustain the applied load (refer to ASNZS 1891.4)


SKU:  HSA – ATS280