Welcome to our First Aid Kit Self Service page. The purpose of this page is to enable customers to perform a self audit of their current first aid kit contents and then place an order to replenish/restock any items necessary to restore the kit back to compliance with the code of practice.

Step 1 – Print out the following National Compliant Kit Contents List.

NC First Aid Kit self audit

Step 2 – Check your kit(s) and mark down the number of items required using the contents list. Items may be missing due to usage or may be past their expiry date and need to be replaced.

Step 3 – Using the audited list of items required select those items you require by first checking the “buy” box and then if necessary adjusting the quantity for each item by using the “+/-” buttons. When all items have been updated, select “add to cart”. Note that only items that have the “buy” box checked will be added to the cart when the “add to cart” button is selected.

Step 4 – Some types of workplaces may require extra items to treat specific types of injuries or illnesses. Optional modules are provided to supplement the basic kit contents as follows:

Burn Module (where workers are at risk of receiving burns)
Remote Module (where people work in remote locations)
Snake/Spider bite Outdoor Module (where work is performed outside and there is risk of bites/stings)
Eye Module (additional items where workers may be exposed to specific eye injuries)
Select the modules required by checking the “buy” box and then updating the quantity required. Finally select the “Add to cart” button.

Step 5 – A number of additional items (beyond the minimum requirements of the code of practice) are available for selection from the First Aid Kit Extra’s list.

Common First Aid Kit Extras

These may be selected based on your specific requirements and added to cart in the same manner as above.

Step 6 – At any point you can use the “Proceed to checkout” button or return to the main categories page by selecting “Continue Shopping”. Note you can continue shopping for other items on the online store or return to the First Aid Kit Self Service Page by clicking on the link at the top of the page.


Quantities of each item required may vary according to the recommendation in the National Compliant Contents List (downloaded as the ‘NC First Aid Kit self audit’ above). Simply use the “+/-” buttons on the quantity select box to select the actual amount required for replacement/replenishment and check the “Buy” checkbox for the items you wish to include in the shopping cart when you press “Add to Cart”.

Image Product Price Quantity Buy


Modules as recommended by the First Aid Kit Code of Practice for specific workplace requirements

Image Product Price Quantity Buy


These items are the most frequently added items to First Aid Kits.

Image Product Price Quantity Buy