Eyewash Antimicrobial Water Preservative (SE 4210B4) has four preservative bottles for potable water for use in emergency eye wash stations.

  • Comes in a pack of 4 bottles and each bottle contains 236ml
  • One bottle will preserve 6-16 gallons (22 – 60 liters) of potable water


  • Clean Eye Wash Unit;
  • Rinse with potable water twice;
  • Partially fill eye wash unit with potable water;
  • Add recommended amount of water preserver to unit;
  • Fill eye wash unit to fill mark;
  • Change solution at least every 120 days or sooner;
  • Preserves 6 to 16 gallons (22 – 60 liters) of potable water.


  • Activate Eye Wash Unit weekly to ensure proper flow;
  • Testing based upon 15 seconds will use approximately 592ml of water solution per test;
  • Replace used water with clean potable water after each test;
  • Additive is formulated to accept this new potable water for a period of no longer than 120 days;
  • Date the Inspection Tag after service and refill;
  • Use water preserver only as directed;
  • In case of concentrated preservative solution contact with eyes, flush eyes with potable water;
  • Please note: Water must be changed weekly if water preserver is not used.

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